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As I review golf facility operations in 2010, one area of golf revenue generation is more clear than ever – ITS ALL ABOUT THE INTERNET! There is no doubt that the Internet is the most cost-effective form of advertising outside of word-of-mouth. The Internet is having a larger and larger impact on golf as time goes on. Golfers, especially when traveling, are using the web more and more to find places to play. The web has several key advantages over other forms of advertising:

  • Cost: A website is relatively inexpensive to setup and maintain.
  • Reach: As the name “world wide web” indicates, the Internet is international in scope. Today, almost every household that contains a golfer will have access to the Internet.
  • Information: The amount of information that can be put on the web is virtually unlimited. At the very least, clear directions and contact information can be used to dramatically increase business.

In my consulting engagements I have found that some golf facilities have really outstanding websites, while others simply do not. What is it that separates good from bad in golf course websites? Here is a selection of key items that the most successful golf facilities (public and private) are using on line in an effort to drive new business to their facility.

First, it is essential that the website be kept current for rates, hours, etc. The best sites are the ones that are constantly being updated with new promotions and news items, so that customers get in the habit of checking them regularly. The website should include:

  • Pictures of the facility
  • Verbal descriptions
  • A full scorecard
  • Map/directions to the course
  • E-mail signup – allow a way to sign up for an e-mail program.
  • Information about group and individual lessons
  • Current rates and operating hours
  • Amenities
  • A calendar or news of promotions and upcoming events

Second, I have observed that the most common problem with golf facility websites is that they look great and are very informative, but if prospective customers cannot find it, it does not do you any good.  It has to be designed such that today’s web search engines will find it based on key terms people are likely to use. Therefore, the first task is to create a website that can be found easily by prospective customers looking for golf in your area.

The website should be promoted in all advertising and literature put out by your facility!

So as you contemplate ways to grow you golf course revenue in 2010, don’t forget to keep your website up to date and easy to find. The money you spend in this area will come back to you many times over. Definitely more than most any other advertising you can consider.

Thanks for your attention. I sincerely hope the information is useful. In the next postings we will continue our discussion of golf facility marketing with a review of some successful golf course promotions that have been tried by golf operators in the last few years.

See you down the road.

Richard Singer

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